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Fire extinguishers for holiday homes and accommodation providers

Holiday homes are a treasured commodity for people − a refuge from everyday working lives and a place to unwind and relax. And so, given the high value placed on holiday homes, it makes sense to take all the necessary steps to ensure they are protected and kept safe at all times, especially when, for example, you may live in Perth and your holiday home is located all the way in Esperance. That is why being compliant to fire regulations and keeping fire safety equipment on hand is so important.

It's a great idea to have an emergency response plan for your holiday home which details fire escape routes from the dwelling and lists important emergency phone numbers such as police, ambulance, SES, and hospital. As well, in accordance with the Building Code of Australia, each bedroom should be fitted with a hard wired smoke detector and a fire extinguisher must be displayed in a visible location in case of a fire. As with all safety equipment, it's essential that it is regularly maintained and in proper working order.

On your must-have list of fire safety products for your holiday home, make sure you include the following as a top priority, and note that these items are included in our Australian made fire safety kits:

  1. 1 kg dry chemical powder fire extinguisher, with identification disk
  2. Fire blanket, with signage
  3. Compliance tags
  4. Fire extinguisher location signage
  5. First aid kit Planning for fire will ensure you are taking important steps to keep you and your family safe in your holiday home.

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