Commonly asked questions about fire extinguishers answered

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about fire extinguishers.

Want to know more about fire extingishers and anser to some of your questions.

Why do I need to inspect my fire extinguishers?
The simple answer is that in Australia "It's the law"

How often do they need to be inspected?
Your extinguishers need to be serviced every 12 months by a certified technician (we charge $ 15.00 an extinguisher for this service)

Can I buy one extinguisher to fight all types of fires?
Yes !! A "Dry Powder" or "Dry Chemical" Fire Extinguisher (they are identical products) can be used on all "Classes of Fires". In saying this a "dry powder" extinguisher does have a "limited" capability against oils and fats fires. "Wet Chemical" extinguishers are a far better option.

Does a "brand new" fire extinguisher need to be tested and tagged?
Yes !! by law you need to test and tag brand new fire extinguishers, even if they have never been taken out of the box.

What is the "life" of a fire extinguisher?
If it's in a car 3 years, otherwise 5 years (every extinguisher has a "manufacture date" date stamped on it) Beware of companies selling "old stock" at "cheap" prices !

What signage do I need?
You need "2" signs mounted above every fire extinguisher. The first being a "location sign" the second being a "identification sign" (We charge $5.00 a sign)

How do I install an extinguisher and signage?
The fire extinguisher "L Bracket" needs to be mounted between 90cm and 120cm above the ground. The "ID" signage should be 30cm above the L bracket and the "location sign" should be 6 foot above the extinguisher.





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