Bushfire Safety

We all know it is heating up in Perth with some record temperatures for the start of the year. Typically, Western Australia’s bushfire season runs between November and April in the South West, while the northern bushfire season runs from June to late October. Australia is experiencing another extreme bushfire season.

What causes the fires?
Western Australia is prone to bush fires due to the hot dry summer climate and the bush vegetation. Fires are easily started from storms, cigarette butts, broken glass and camp fires.

Is there any way to stop fires from happening?

Fire is difficult to control but can be reduced if you are prepared: Make sure your land is cleared from any loose or dry debris. Make sure you have a fire exit plan in place and that you have fire blankets and fire extinguishers within your home, Burn treatments and gels will also good to have on hand.

Once they start, can they be put out?
A slow moving flyer can be put out by using hoses or smothering the fire. Report any fires or smoke quickly so that emergency services can be there to assist before fire spreads.
During a bushfire the safest place to be is away from the fire.

Remember that a home can be rebuilt and it is always best to evacuate you and your family if a fire is approaching. Act decisively the moment you know there is danger.

If leaving your home in the event of fire then you should protect yourself from radiant heat with long sleeves, long trousers and strong leather boots. The majority of people die in a bushfire from radiant heat.

For more information on bushfire safety tips then please visit Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) website:

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